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Emotional Weather: Weltschmerz with a pinch of Angst & Ennui

What is this painful feeling in our chest lately?!

Are we experiencing a global energetic panic attack?!

Kind of.

It is called:

Dealing on a deep personal level with Weltschmerz and freshly triggered PTSD it feels right to name it, to take it out there and gives it a try to define and explain it.

Energetically it is a fucking tensed period and it feels like breaking and ripping apart.

As hard as it is, it’s happening and the sun goes down and it rises again.

No matter how desperate it feels right now, it’s still all connected, we are still all part of the human experience and united in oneness.

It’s ok. Breathe.




It is the pain we feel, when we look into the world, see all the different events and it hits us like a wrecking ball. It is feeling powerless to help, change, move something to the better. It is the deep knowing: we COULD do better. It is the question howling in us: what are we doing to us, our home?


= is fear. It's a basic emotion rooted in every living being.

= a feeling without a particular reason which disrupts our peace and wellbeing.

= a complaint about how the world is.


Springing from the feeling of boredom, ennui developed into the dissatisfaction and dissapointment about the world and how it is.

It drags you into a deep weariness and fatigue.


Yes, it is incredibly painful and tragic to watch the current news and events happening all over the world.

Yes, it is ok to feel helpless, sad and a special form of desperation.

It is called WELTSCHMERZ.

Yes, it is ok to feel the urge to avoid the news.

Yes, it can trigger PTSD (post-traumatic-stress-disorder) if you or close ones have experienced or survived war situations, the need to escape or any other extreme and unusual events threatening your life and mental/physical security.



Yes, it is ok to continue your daily routines and life.

Yes, it is ok to have what you have and do what you do.

Yes, it is ok to nurture yourself and take care of yourself.

Yes, it is ok to protect your boundaries and emotional capacities.

If current world events are a trigger for you, it is ok to decide between feeling all the pain and closing your emotional door.

Feel all your feels:

Crying, Screaming, Journaling = Releasing

Natural Helpers:

MUSTARD flower - Bachblüten Nr.21

RESCUE drops & dragees


Meditate and strengthen your

  • Root Chakra - ANGST

  • Sakral Chakra - WELTSCHMERZ

  • Solarplexus Chakra - ENNUI



Take a break from the news & media.

Donate if you can & it makes you feel better.

Consume credible & independet sources for info.

Listen to those who need it.




It is a 'feeling with someone or something'.

Having compassion for a bad situation or tragedy.

Being able to sit with the feeling of sympathy and sadness for the one suffering or having a hard time.


The conscious awareness and handeling of a moment, situation or feeling.

To be mindful is also to be caring, careful and to act with pure heart.

Practice gratitude and be mindful about yourself, your life and the world around you.

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